A growing coalition

The International Drought Alliance (IDRA) mobilizes political, technical, and financial capital to enhance our collective ability to prepare for, and adapt to, drought.

It brings together more than 60 countries and organizations, including intergovernmental entities, multilateral development banks, financial institutions, NGOs, civil society groups, and the private sector.

The IDRA Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

Governing Bodies

The Plenary

IDRA convenes a plenary meeting every two years. The Plenary is open to IDRA members and part-ners and serves as the main platform for knowledge sharing among members and partners and provides a forum for discussion on issues raised by the Steering Committee.

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International Drought Resilience Alliance | The global coalition for a drought-resilient future

IDRA is a collaborative platform bringing together public and private stakeholders for a drought resilient future. It relies solely on voluntary contributions and/or contributions in kind and has two types of members: Member states & Partners

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