Who can join

Member states

Member status is open to United Nations member states.
They are part of the IDRA plenary and are eligible to seat on the steering committee and participate in the decision-making process.


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Partner status is open to all non-state actors such as United Nations organizations, intergovernmental organizations, finance institutions like multilateral development banks, academia and scientific organizations, the private sector, non-state actors/nongovernmental organizations, and civil society organizations

Non-profit partners are members of the IDRA plenary and eligible to serve on the IDRA steering committee with a voice, but not a vote.

For profit partners are members of the IDRA plenary and can serve as a member in the IDRA advisory committee for action with a voice, but not a vote.

Why join


Network with like-minded leaders and organizations committed to building drought resilience


Access evidence-based guidance on priority investments and actions to build drought resilience


Exchange knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions to speed up drought resilience efforts


Explore innovative financing mechanisms to mobilize resources for drought resilience, while making the most of existing public and private investments

How to join

All applications for IDRA membership or partnership shall be made through a letter addressed to the Co-Chairs of the Alliance using the following email address: idrasecretariat@unccd.int

The IDRA Secretariat will submit the applications to the Steering Committee for consideration and willl inform the applicant about the outcome via email.

Non-state actors are required to provide the following information and documents: 

Name, objectives, and mission of the entity

Copy of the legal status

(e.g. bylaws, constitution)

Governance structure

Names and affiliations of the members of main decision-making bodies

(such as the board and the executive board)

Funding sources

(e.g. list of donors and sponsors)

Main relevant affiliations

Website address



Private sector entities must, in addition to the above, adhere to the United Nations Global Compact