Drought Toolbox

The Drought Toolbox provides tools, case studies, and other resources to support the design of National Drought Policy Plans for more drought-resilient societies and ecosystems.

Priority investments to build drought resilience

Building drought resilience is easier if you know where to start. IDRA advocates for evidence-based activities that can be combined to build customized strategies for regions, countries, and communities.


Planning and Policy

Assessing needs and vulnerabilities of societies and economies to develop context-specific policies and action plans.


Information Systems

Putting in place meteorological and early warning systems and making sure that actionable information reaches all relevant sectors of society, including farmers and local governments.


Water management

Increasing water storage capacity with above- and below-ground dams and reservoirs; improving distribution networks to reduce leakage; and increasing water supply through rainwater harvesting and water biofiltering, recycling, and desalination.


Agricultural practices

Building capacity, designing incentives, and facilitating investment in drought-resistant crops, drip-irrigation systems, sustainable land management, and better livestock management


Nature-based solutions

Leveraging natural systems by promoting soil health, groundwater recharge, and integrated land and water management at the landscape level


Knowledge and Research

Combining traditional knowledge with the latest scientific and technological advances



Leveraging financial solutions like farmer insurance schemes, national resilience funds, debt restructuring, and sovereign bonds to bankroll drought-resilience investments



Behaviour change and communications campaigns to build awareness of, and support
for, drought-resilience actions


Selected reports, tools, and processes in support of drought-resilience efforts

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